Music Licenses

When purchasing tracks made by Templetainment, you are purchasing a non-exclusive license to use those beats. Upon purchasing, you will be presented with two options, a “Limited License” and a “Business License”.


Non-Exclusive License (NE):


A Limited License grants you the right to purchase and use Templetainment’s compositions for the purpose of:

  • Local Radio/TV Advertisement
  • Internet Background Music
  • On-Hold/In-House Background Music
  • Artist Demonstrations.

DISCLAIMER! Music created by Templetainment can only be used for non-profit purposes and when used for recording artist demos, the artist must adhere to the rules of “synchronization”, recording vocals with Templetainment music. A Business License is required when using music made by Templetainment as part of any commercial (for-profit) product, purpose, or venture. Templetainment’s music may not be resold and licenses are non-transferable. All distributed works must show the following legal music credit: Music Producer – Dejay Depusoir.


Exclusive License (EX):


With a Business License, you may use Templetainment’s for commercial ventures (for-profit) such as:

  • DVD Products
  • Major Motion Films
  • Independent Films
  • Television Series Background
  • Television Series Theme
  • Sports Television Broadcasts
  • Gaming Multimedia
  • Internet Multimedia
  • Adult Multimedia
  • Recording Artist Albums
  • Radio Singles
  • Radio Rotation
  • Film/DVD Soundtracks

DISCLAIMER! If you use Templetainment’s music for any of purposes listed above, you are required to purchase a an Exclusive License directly from All distributed works must show the following legal music credit: Music Producer – Dejay Depusoir.


Upgrade to Business License:


If you’ve purchased a “Limited License” and will like a Business License, You must purchase the same beat using the “Business License” option instead of the “Limited License” option.


Custom Beats (Custom Music Production):


Custom Music Production Services are available for established Recording Artists, Record Companies, Film, Sports, Radio TV Advertising, Commercial Jingles, & Websites who are serious about putting together various original commercial projects and have the budget to finance such a project. If you are a business such as a film production company or advertising company interested in custom music production services in Hip Hop genres, Templetainment is the perfect solution for you!
For recording artists and record companies, purchasing Templetainment’s custom beats is the perfect way to quickly construct a professional album consisting of exclusive musical compositions from Templetainment that only the purchaser of the custom beats can use. Custom beats are priced much higher than E. beats!
Custom Beats are sold to one end-user only and the exclusive rights to use the obtained Custom Beats cannot be resold or transferred to any other party. Templetainment’s contractual provisions for Custom Beats are as follows:

  • Co-Copyright: Templetainment retains copyright of instrumental (Client retains copyright of lyrical composition).
  • Co-Publishing: Both parties retain publishing rights. (Producer royalties due to Templetainment based on sales).

Custom Music Production Services feature delivered masters of all material, separated sub-mixed tracks for re-mixing in Pro Tools, Logic, Sonar etc., and signed production contracts. Custom Production rates begin at $500 per full length song with half payment required at project’s start with remainder of payment due upon project’s completion. The option to pay upfront is also available.